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Saturday, 2 April 2011

True colours

Get real, topshop. nobody in their right mind will aspire to replicate this outfit. nobody will match hot pink tights with that.fair enough, you want to be seen as high fashion, but this is more fashion victim than anything. people go on to check out the big bold trends of the season, and then they go to get the pared back wearable version. .. in seasons past, i've always felt that topshop are just that little bit superior to any of the other shops on the highstreet. i've always thought of them as the leaders of the highstreet, other shops following behind copying their ideas on styles, colour schemes and merchandising. this season, everything is somewhat different. topshop's clothes seem like cheaper copies of their neighbouring stores. zara and h&m, for instance, have proved real leaders this season bringing us cutting edge styles at very reasonable prices. zara's quality is streets ahead and h&m's prices are about half of what can be found in topshop. .. topshop used to be my go-to store when i needed my fill of what's new in fashion, and this season it's almost last on my list. its only redeeming feature is undoubtedly its shoe range, which constantly produces a huge selection of gorgeous, well made shoes. their boots are fantastic and i recently picked up a pair of leopard print slipper style flats which i am living in. i can't say the same about their clothes, although i'm living in hope that next season will be better. ..

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