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Friday, 1 April 2011


I am, by no means, a film critic. the thought of me trying to review a movie when my favourites include 'the devil wears prada' and '500 days of summer' makes me cringe. .IIn saying that, i watched tom ford's 'a single man' the other night. colin firth was incredible, julianne moore followed close behind. but for me, the highlight of the film was 'lois.' an icy cool college student played by brazilian model aline weber, lois didn't have a speaking part in the film. words weren't needed to portray her character. impossibly chic dressed permanently in black, her beauty is radiant on the screen. .. watching lois made me want to retract every promise i have made to stop wearing black, change my anti-smoking policy, and dye my hair white-blonde. of course, none of these things are likely to happen and i will never have the chic nonchalance that this girl does. watch 'a single man.' as i said, i'm no film critic but it really is a masterpiece.

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