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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Last Seasons Coats

Stella Mccartney shows off her designing talent by sending her very own variation of one of this season’s most cozy style staples down the runway (shown above).

While Kim Kardashian is spotted in Paris (shown below) carrying on her own more “casual” version of Rochas (also shown below) pink over-sized coat.  
Kim Kardashian pictured in Paris, France, Before her engagement to American Rap artist Kanye West (not shown).

Rochas over-sized pink coat (shown above)  modeled for their new Fall/Winter 2013 line.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Balance Black

Ladies, we all know black is the most slimming of all basics and i love it for that, but is plain black just a little too boring? Need a lesson on reviving your plain jane outfit? Here some ideas we found to balance the dreadful boring all black.

Not only is Miranda Kerr, spotted in NYC , balancing her all black ensemble well with a great textured leather ankle length trouser. Miranda also proves she is truly trendy by pairing a second trend of the season, the layered look with a long unbuttoned coat over a more soft looking sweater, as well as keeping it light on the bottom with a slim stiletto.

The second look on trend with textured arms of a basic black sweater allowing the slightest bit of skin to peek through paired with a harem cuffed trouser as well as messenger inspired cross body bag, again pictured above with the slim stiletto.