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Monday, 4 April 2011

Feel our love

When mother's day and the momma's birthday fall in the same week, the pressure is on. it gets awfully difficult to think of the perfect presents to buy for your mom-cum-bessie-cum-councelor-cum shopping buddy for this double event. although my SuperMom and i have a lot (everything!) in common and share almost all the same interests, she's admirably modest and not demanding when it comes to accepting presents. 'oh i'd love a new pair of slippers' etc. after much discussion, we came up with a couple of things to make her day extra special! .. tom ford perfume, oud wood. sickeningly expensive but the scent is second to none. adele's new album, for my ipod as much as mom's. one of the few cd's we can agree on during those car journeys to dundrum! - sex and the city 2 dvd. again, more for me than the birthday girl. we saw it in the cinema together the week it came out and although it was undeniably silly, we loved it. i can't wait to watch it during the week and remind myself why i love patricia field. those outfits. - big bags of minstrels and maltesers, mom's favourites! cheap, cheerful and great for bulking up the present! ..Happy Mother's Day to all of you lovely Mommas out there.

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